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BOTBUS online booking system is a software solution used for booking management, a transportation engine behind purchasing tickets, reservations of services for appointments, booking activities and tours.

How does the BOTBUS Online System function .

  • It uses smart technology that eliminates the risks associated with manual input and human error. It simplifies the booking process for you and your customers by automatically updating processes such as payment, scheduling, managing availability and notification reminders.
  • It allows customers to book and pay online 24/7.
  • It handles online payment processing and are protected by encryption and log-in and password protection.
  • Easily send reminder and follow-up email & SMS notifications to customers who make a booking with BOTBUS. With our powerful automated software that links with customer booking details(Immediate booking confirmation)
  • Its automation capability also provides benefits for your business, such as managing resource availability, generating reports and more.
  • It handles online payment processing and are protected by encryption and log-in and password protection.


Frequently Asked Questioins

It is important to read this section as it can assist in addressing some of your questions.

  • Your personal and travel details are safe and we don’t share it with any third party agencies.

  • There is no registration fee or any kind of booking fees. You pay only the ticket price.

  • You can pay using multiple options like debit card, credit card, wallets, net-banking and even UPI

  • Sometimes due to network issues on the bank side we dont receive the payment information and so is the reason the booking fails. During such scenario our executives will immediately contact customer to either confirm the ticket for the same amount or initiate a refund in case customer need not like to proceed with booking.

  • Unlike other online bus booking sites we do not have any hidden charges like Service charge, payment gateway charge etc.

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