REF: BEC 7/1/1 II 13-July-2020
Agnes Boitumelo Gaosafelwe
Letsholo Primary School
P.O.BOX 298

U.F.S: The School Head

Dear Sr/Madam,
  1. We are pleased to inform you that you have been offered appointment as Examiner in Setswana Paper 2 for the PSLE 2020.

  2. Please find attached to this offer of appointment the Terms and Conditions of Service relating to the Provision of Services by Examiner.

  3. This Contract shall start on the 09/11/2020 and shall finish on the 22/11/2020 or on such other date that may be determined at the sole discretion of the BEC Management. The Contract may, however, be terminated earlier in accordance with the attached Terms and Conditions of Service relating to the Provision of Services by the Examiner.

  4. As part of the 2020 examinations processes, the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) will be embarking on the following:
    1. Standardisation to be held on the 09/11/2020 at 0800 Hours at Rainbow Primary School in Gaborone
    2. The marking is scheduled to take place at Rainbow Primary School in Gaborone from 09/11/2020. You are expected to report for work at 0800 hours at Rainbow Primary School on the first day and thereafter you will be informed of the reporting times for the duration of this contract.

  5. As the Examiner you shall be paid the following composite fees;
    1. Fee for each script marked:P47
    2. Standardization Fee : P149.04
    3. There shall be no other fee that will paid to the examiner as the fees stipulated above are inclusive of all the fees for the services rendered.
    4. No negotiations of the fees shall, under any circumstances, be entered into during the marking session. Signing this contract shall be construed to signify full and unconditional consent to all applicable terms and conditions as contained in the contract.

  6. Please also be notified that all income arising from your engagement with Botswana Examinations Council shall be subject to tax in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Botswana.

  7. As the Examiner you are required to provide a copy of your Omang or Passport (For Non-Citizens) as well as proof of banking details, in the form of a banking statement, spoilt cheque or confirmation from the bank and attach to the reply sheet.

  8. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Botswana Examinations Council has developed the COVID-19 Guidelines for Marking Venues. You shall, therefore, be expected to familiarize yourself and fully abide by these regulations. These shall be made available to you upon resumption of duty.

  9. In terms of the COVID-19 protocols, the Botswana Examinations Council is expected to appoint Examiners to provide services within their school’s COVID-19 zones. In light of this, should this offer be placing you in a marking center outside your school’s COVID-19 zone you are required to decline. Should you accept such an offer and it is later discovered that you did, this contract shall be nullified and no payment, whatsoever, shall be due to you.

  10. If you are in agreement to the attached terms and conditions of this offer, please sign the reply sheet herein attached and submit to BEC on or before the 6th November 2020. The reply sheet must also be signed and date stamped by the school head as a way of authorizing you to take up this appointment. Failure to submit the reply sheet by the given date may be interpreted as non acceptance of the offer and may result in a withdrawal of the offer. Further to this you will be expected to present the original of the reply sheet on the day of marking.