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The Directorate of Research and Policy Development (RPD) is conducting a survey to measure the employees’ level of satisfaction in the work place and their perceptions on issues of leadership, team work, work environment, PMS, staff training and development, recruitment, remuneration, employees’ commitment to work , COVID 19 and BEC Transformation.

You are therefore kindly requested to complete this questionnaire as objectively and honestly as possible. The questionnaire is estimated to take about 10 minutes to complete. Staff is guaranteed of anonymity as the questionnaire does not require revealing of individual names.

Although some questions require information about respondents’ directorates, age and number of years employed in BEC which may seem to reveal their identity, respondents are assured of confidentiality that this information would not in any way be revealed to third parties or reported in a way to expose their identity.

Please Follow instructions Below

In order for you to take part in the Survey, you should have a PIN, which you can get HERE

Note that the PIN is just a number which will not identify you.PLEASE!! Do not create a PIN more than once. Once you have created a PIN keep it until the END of the Survey.

If you already have a PIN please enter it here